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RagnaMania Enliven will launch BETA globally on 27 August at 8pm UTC (17h BRT)

Welcome pack

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3 days Premmy

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Episode : 13.2 Encounter with the Unknown
Maximum Level: 99/70
Base Exp: 10x (minimum)
Job Exp: 10x (minimum)
Quests Exp: 5x (minimum)
MvP Exp: 15x (minimum)
Instant cast: 150dex
Max ASPD: 190
Multi-Level until Level 20
Homunculus friendly rate: 15x
Pet friendly rate: 15x
Gepard Shield 3.0

Events that affect Exp rates:

★ Monster of the day grants 50% more XP for 24 hours
★ Representing a City grants 50% more XP
★ Upholding a Premium Account grants 20% more XP
★ Daily rewards can include items that will grant you bonus XP
★ Party even-share bonus grants extra 2% more XP per member

Common items drop: 5x (minimum)
Healing items drop: 10x (minimum)
Usable items drop: 10x (minimum)
Equipment drop: 15x (minimum)
Normal Cards drop: 25x (minimum)
Bosses Cards drop: 10x (minimum)
MvP Cards drop: 10x (minimum)
MvP extras drop: 5x
Cards-Add drop: 5x
Castle/Tower drop: 5x

Events that affect Drop rates:

★ Infamy boosts drop rates up to 10%
★ Representing a City grants 10% drop rates bonus
★ Daily rewards can include items that will grant you drop rates bonus
★ Random World Drops in Full-Loot maps can come with special enchantments

Max guild expansion: 26 (16+10×1)
Alliance between guilds: Temporarily disabled
Guild storage: 600
Max party size: 12
Max level difference for EXP sharing: 10

★ Bring your guild to the server and get a welcome pack *terms applies

Master Account (with up to 5 Game Accounts)
Max chars per Game Account: 5
Multiple windows: Enabled
Account storage: 600 items

@ii : Shows information about an item
@commands : Show the list of available commands
@mi : Show informations about a monster
@autoloot : Send the items directly to the inventory
@alootid : An aprimorated version of the command above
@noks : Protect you against KS
@autotrade / @at : Allows one to continue with their vending open even after logoff.
@refresh : Sync the information client-server
@rates : Show the server rates
@whodrops : Shows which monsters drop the given item
@whereis : Shows where a given monster spawns
@uptime : Shows the time since the last reboot of the server
@duel : Creates a duel
@invite : Invites someone for a duel
@noask : Auto-rejects trades and invitations
@hominfo / @homstats : Shows information about the Homunculus
@showexp : Shows gainned XP
@lgp : Light Graphics

+ others less relevant. Please use @commands ingame for the full list

Job Changer
Arena PvP
Reputation Merchants
Costume Creator
Hunting Quests

Professional Host Infraestructure

Extended commerce:
Manias | Battleground Badges | Voter’s Certificate

Same sex marriage
MVP tomb
Unique Mounts System
100 hair styles and 700 colors to customize your character
New Battlegrounds arenas including Bomberman and Poringball
Optimized graphics
Housing System
Friendly and highly-rewarding Hunting Quests
Unique PK system (full loot)
Hell Gates
City Wars
New Attendance System (daily, weekly and monthly prizes!)
Extra storages in the house (300), Premium storage (300) Master Storage(600) and Personal Storage (300)
Regular super-fun events and much more!